Sala Equis, renovation of the oldest x cinema in Madrid by Plantea Estudio

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Plantea Estudio
Construction dates
December 2016 to November 2017
La Cultural Contemporánea
Architecture and Interior Design Project.- Plantea Estudio. Collaborator in furniture.- Estandar Mobiliario. Screening systems.- Cinematografía Pereira. Landscape project.- Rent a garden. Construction.- Payser
Calle del Duque de Alba, 4, 28012 Madrid. Spain

Luis Gil, Lorenzo Gil, José Silva, Plantea Estudio

PLANTEA is a Madrid based practice established in 2008, to give continuity and consolidate the casual collaborations held by the team members since 2001. Over a period of eight years, the small practice started by Luis Gil and Lorenzo Gil, after years of experience working in Frechilla López-Peláez Arquitectos, has incorporated a number of architects and designers which support and enrich the output of the team. The knowledge acquired by Luis and Lorenzo, during these years has been complemented recently by the incorporation of José Silva who, after years working in London delivering world class buildings for Duggan Morris Architects, has joined the practice as joint director and partner to support and enhance both the design output and the performance of the practice as a whole.

Their approach is inclusive and collaborative, fostering creative dialogue with clients, consultant teams, statutory authorities, contractors and end users, as well as an active exchange between the disciplines of architecture, interior design, art, and urbanism. A strategy that demands the highly analytical approach.



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