Set of spaces and visions. Open Parkvilla by i29 architects

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Project team
Diseño preliminar, es decir Entidad de trabajo.
Contratista: Contratista Haex B.V.
Ingeniero estructural: Vissers & Vissers B.V.
Paisajismo: diseño de Frank Heijligers, ejecutado por Rens Stafel Tuinen.
Limburgo, Países Bajos.
Revestimiento de fachadas: GRADwood y A-wood.
Marcos de ventanas: Platowood Fraké de Timmerfabriek Herman van den Brink.
Mobiliario de entrada y cocina: Eginstill.
Carpintero restante: Luc Schoenmakers.
Piedra natural: Meuwissen Natuursteen B.V.
Asesor de instalaciones: Smart Bouwexperts.
Contratista de instalaciones: DenJ Installatiebureau B.V.
Empresa eléctrica: Steijvers Electro.

Architects. i29 interior

i29 interior architects, are a creative and versatile interior design studio. Their aim is to create intelligent designs and striking images. Space is the leitmotiv, the result always clear, with a keen eye for detail. Their approach is practical yet based on strong ideas articulated in clear concepts. They try to get to the core of things but keep it looking simple. Their clients are open minded and involved.

They are not alone in our voyage. In a short period of time many projects have been realized for a wide variety of clients, both private and business. They’ve been nominated and won several awards like the Rotterdam Design Award, Dutch design awards, LAI awards and The Great Indoors award. They won the Dutch Design Prize for best interior design and The Great Indoors Award for best office design. Projects have been published in (inter) national magazines and books. Their core team of designers, extended by a growing network of freelance specialists.




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