Sol Duc Cabin by Olson Kundig

Sol Duc Cabin by Olson Kundig
[Beaver - Washington] USA
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Sol Duc Cabin by Olson Kundig. Photograph © Benjamin Benschneider
This small home, or weekend retreat in a Washington National Park, designed by Seattle architect Tom Kundig, features an exterior of protective steel plates that slide in front of your windows and a raised floor on stilts to prevent the effects of possible floods.
Sol Duc Cabin project, by OK — Olson Kundig, was named as one of the ten recipients of the American Institute of Architects' 2014 Housing Awards. Completed in 2011, it provides a country retreat for a couple who take regular fishing expeditions in the Olympic National Park, Washington.

Description of project by OK — Olson Kundig

This 350-square-foot cabin is a small perch for its occupant. When you’re inside or on the deck, you are raised up above the landscape with an excellent view out onto the Sol Duc River. And the interior is like a warm, dry nest. It is located in one of the few temperate rainforests in the world, and “rainfor¬est” here means wet and rather cold, as opposed to wet and hot. Putting the cabin on stilts protects it from the clammy dampness and occasional flooding.

The owner is an avid steelhead fisherman, and the Sol Duc has some of the best steelhead fishing in more

Olson Kundig.
Lead Architects.- Tom Kundig (Design Principal), Edward Lalonde (Project Manager)
Structural Engineer.- MCE Consultants.
Civil Engineer.- Zanovic and Associates
350.0 ft²
Project Year.- 2011 Año de proyecto.- 20
General Contractor


Olson Kundig Architects began its creative existence with architect Jim Olson, whose work in the late 1960s explored the relationship between dwellings and the landscape they inhabit in the Northwest. Olson started the firm based on some simple ideas: that buildings can serve as a bridge between nature, culture and people, and that inspiring surroundings have a positive effect on people’ more