Stakeout Act by Jorge Yeregui at Tabacalera

Stakeout Act by Jorge Yeregui at Tabacalera
La Fragua. Tabacalera [MAD] Spain
Building site pictures on view as part of the exhibition 'Stakeout Act' by Jorge Yeregui at Tabacalera.
In the world of architecture and construction, the Stakeout Act is defined as the official document that marks the starting point of a work; an agreement between the architect, the developer and the builder that means the beginning of a physical transformation of the urban environment.
The space La Fragua, in Tabacalera, hosts a solo exhibition of the architect and artist Jorge Yeregui, commissioned by David Armengol - which will run until November 13 this year 2016 - who reflects on the architectural processes that have been interrupted, and generate a new bleak landscape, mirroring the contemporary system.

In a parodic way, the title of the exhibition questions some failed architecture processes through the resulting landscape. In this sense, his work focuses on wasted, marginal and unused lands that, far from claiming the socio-economic circumstances that determined its abandonment, exhibits the formal and conceptual landscape intensity half done territories.

Stakeout Act proposes an exercise activation of these landscapes based on direct experience of the artist in such environments. A naturalistic reading abandoned place that includes multiple layers of meaning: from the aesthetic power of deterioration to the geopolitical condition of its decline. Closer to land art practices that documentary landscape view Yeregui uses photography and more
La Fragua. Tabacalera.
51st Glorieta deEmbajadores. Madrid. Spain.
From September 16th to November 11st 201
David Armengol


Jorge Yeregui was born in Santander (Spain) in 1975.
He is an Architect from Technical University of Seville since 2003. Afterwards he obtaines the Diploma de Estudios Avanzados (DEA) from University of Seville in 2010. He currently works as an Assistant Teacher at the Graphic Expresion Department at the Architecture School of Malaga.

His professional carreer is more