Stedsans in the woods by Lendager Group. A permaculture farm

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Architects Arquitectos
Lendager Group
Customer and Partners
Stedsans in the woods
Partner in Charge Socio encargado
Anders Lendager
Project Leader
Simon Kjems-Møller
Employees Empleados
Jørn Kiesslinger, Maja Horvat, Noemie Jeanne Vetterli, Sophie Daugaard Andersen

Group Lendager

Lendager Group. Lendager Group is specialized in promoting circular economy within cities, buildings and companies of the future.

Anders Lendager is a qualified architect and founder of Lendager Group, an innovative company that works in the built environment, specialized in cost neutral sustainable buildings with special focus on circular economy. Since his master thesis (a research base with CO2 sequestration facilities on the ice on the North Pole) he has been researching far and wide to get the broadest possible understanding of sustainability. He is an expert, first mover and thought leader within circular economy and works towards a long-term goal of developing Lendager Group into a world-leading company within circular economy and resource efficiency within three main areas: architecture and urban planning, strategy and analysis, and upcycle product development.



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