Sticky Airs by C+arquitectos

Sticky Airs by C+arquitectos
[VIDEO] by Imagen Subliminial [Murcia] Spain.
metalocus, IRENE GARCÍA
Sticky Airs by C+arquitectos. Photography © Miguel de Guzmán.
C + Architects presents, in collaboration with students of architecture of the University of Alicante, this video that talks about ephemeral architecture and ‘The Dark Side of the Party’, a space created by use of ephemeral effects that disappear when the lights turn off at the end of the party. It is a workshop in where they experienced with the use of smoke and lights to create changing and indeterminate spaces.

The use of smoke as ephemeral and changing material is the subject chosen for Sticky Airs, the performance of C + architects. They use the smoke in its various ways and with different effects, from ventilation and lighting to the change of the temperature, this material is used as more than just an effect that allows to define and qualify the space. An experimental process in which a diffuse, variables and nonexistent limits, creat a whole of spaces, situations and scenes that disappear when the lights are turn off.

Description of the project by C+ arquitectos

What can be the space to discuss The Dark Side of the Party through art installations, performances and round-tables? The dark side of the party has to do with ephemeral effects, with what is left outside the party, with the hierarchies and rejections enacted and with the sordid recognition of the space when the party is over and the lights are turned on. To build that space Sticky Airs chooses a material that more


Nerea Calvillo founded C+arquitectos in 2004, after working in several internationally acclaimed architectural firms such as NO.MAD, Madrid, and F.O.A., London.

Specialised in new technologies as design tools, C+ has designed architecture projects, contemporary art more