POLIVAGINA of FAN RIOTS by C+arquitectos

POLIVAGINA of FAN RIOTS by C+arquitectos
[VIDEO] by Imagen Subliminial [Murcia] Spain
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Polivagna de Fan Riots by C+arquitectos. Photography © Imagen Subliminal - Miguel de Guzmán
A proposal for reflections, dreams, formless it is what show us from C + architects, Polivagna Fan Riots, an intervention midway between performance and installation.

C+arquitectos (Nerea Calvillo and Marina Fernández) presents us this intervention, in fact a ephemeral pavilion, conducted with students from the University of Alicante. Instead of designing forms, finishing volumes, objects with a specific geometry, what was designed were the conditions to experiment with the space, to design a place.

Description of project by C+ arquitectos

Polivagina is a light, unstable and ephemeral skin to host Fan Riots, an artistic event curated by Ivan López Munuera for the music and art festival SOS 4.8. It is a flexible skin that constructs a condition of interiority that is necessarily public, and which is discussed and tested with every video installation or performance that took place in its interior. It is multiple because it generates several spaces and circulations, and because it reflects endlessly the image of fans d...read more


Nerea Calvillo founded C+arquitectos in 2004, after working in several internationally acclaimed architectural firms such as NO.MAD, Madrid, and F.O.A., London.

Specialised in new technologies as design tools, C+ has designed architecture projects, contemporary art exhibiti...read more