Endesa Pavilion by IAAC.

Endesa Pavilion by IAAC.
By IAAC. [BCN] Spain. via Pati Núñez.
During the congress SmartCity BCN, developed in Barcelona from November 29th in 2011 to December 2th in 2012, there is the installation of a temporary pavilion, open to the public, as showing new technologies and clean energy. The pavilion is conceived as an open classroom installed at the end of Muelle de la Marina after the congress SmartCity BCN for a period of one year.

The pavillion is actually the prototype of a multi-scale construction system. A facade composed by modular components, like solar brick, that respond to photovoltaic gaining, solar protection, insulation, ventilation, lighting ... The same parametric logic adapt façade geometries to the specific environmental requirements for each point of the building.

From “form follows function” (classic XX century statement) to “form follows energy”. The facade opens reacting to the solar path, being active and becoming permeable towards south, while becoming closed and protective towards north. The behavior of this skin makes visible the environmental and climatic processes that surrounds the prototype.

Constructive elements:

- Modular structure formed by of porticos of laminated wood preassembled in factory and assembled on site.
- Closings formed by modular wood caissons preassembled in factory and installed in situ on the structure.
- Joinery of holes in laminated wood and double glass integrated into the caissons of enclosures.
- Photovoltaic roof.


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