Tangshan Quarry Park wins the 2023 Rosa Barba International Landscape Award

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Z+T Studio.- Dong Zhan, Ziying Tang.
Project team
Qing ZHANG, Min XU, Yifan CHEN, Shuai YUAN, Yupeng YANG, Xin LIU, Shaohao BIAN.
Playground engineer.- Hongchao LIU, Jialin ZHENG, Yanjie FAN, Chuan SUN.
Ecologist.- Mo WANG.
Geological hazard assessment.- Jiangsu Huadong Construction Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd.
Site environmental assessment.- Nanjing Guohuan Science And Technology Co., Ltd.
Architecture design.- Urban Planning&Design Institute of S.E.U.
Tourism planning.- Nanjing Tongdao Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Tangshan Hot Spring Tourist Resort Administration Committee.
Tangshan Branch of Nanjing West Road&Bridge Engineering Group Co. Ltd.
40 m².
Year of project conception.- 2017.
Year of completion of the work.- 2019.
Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China.
Hai ZHANG, Bing LU.

Dong Zhang, Ziying Tang. Z+T Studio

Z+T Studio was founded by Dong Zhang and Ziying Tang in Shanghai in 2009. Since then, the studio has gained a solid and critical reputation for its design, diverse works, and unique design approach. Z+T Studio’s portfolio includes master planning, research centers, public parks, and city furniture. Z+T Studio has received numerous national and international awards, including the ASLA General Design Honor Awards.

Situated at the crossroads of landscape architecture itself and in the increasingly urbanized environment, Z+T understands the profession has evolved beyond the traditional focus on aesthetics and gardens, becoming a catalyst and engine to encompass and enrich the area’s diversity, self-esteem, and self-identity. With a strong emphasis on the most basic elements of nature, Z+T has used its novel approach to ratify its core values — to connect nature to community well-being and strengthen landscape resilience and social ecology sustainability.

Prior to founding Z+T Studio in Shanghai, Mr. Zhang and Ms. Tang had extensive academic and practice experience in the U.S. and China. Such an experience laid the foundation for the firm to embrace the perspectives and sensitivities of both West and East.

Z+T Studio is a consortium in a landscape design atelier, an Art Workshop, and a Biophilic Lab with design professionals, artists, fabricators horticultural specialists, and ecologists. The unique structure and multi-disciplinary collaboration not only enable Z+T to take on sophisticated projects but also to transform the firm into an engine to initiate innovative and cutting-edge design ideas. Even while accepting complex and large-scale projects, the two founding principals of Z+T have maintained an intimately-sized atelier and hands-on working method for their commitment to each project.

In Z+T Studio, landscape design is meant to refine nature based on a comprehension of artistic principles in nature. It extracts and reintegrates landscape elements based on the individual character of each site.



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