Tomas Koolhaas Unveils Pre-Release Teaser for "REM"

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Tomas Koolhaas. Rem Koolhaas' son, was born in London. LA based Film maker. Currently working on feature length Documentary about my father Rem Koolhaas. Before moving to the United States, he worked in various of media related jobs in his home town. He worked as the assitand to the head of programming of MTV UK, then as a set builder, set designer and lighting assistant for TANK magazine. He also had illustrations published in a bestselling architectural book. Wanting to move into the cinematic side of media. Tomas decided to study film in Hollywood at the Los Angeles Film School. He graduated with a major in cinematography.
As a student Tomas was the director of photography an a multitude of short films and even shot his first feature while at L.A.F.S. These projects not only brought acclaim from within the school, but they were also selected for and received awards at various film festivals.

Since Graduating Tomas has served as the Director of Photography on feature films, short films, music videos, commercials and documentaries, as well as directing a short on HD. These projects span all genres and formats. And due to their high standard, continue to gain recognition and receive awards from various festivals and institutions all over the world.

Tomas is expertly qualified on all popular shooting formats and various camera systems, he has developed a reputation for being able to use digital formats in a way that gets results usually only expected from film.




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