Tonstudio. Studio 211.

Tonstudio. Studio 211.
by marc benjamin drewes ARCHITEKTUREN & Jeong-Hoon Kim. [BER] Germany.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
In a former factory complex was built on approximately 100 square meters, the Studio 211 It is a studio of two musicians - one composes film music and other mixed mainly electronic music.

The project is a collaboration between marc benjamin drewes ARCHITEKTUREN and Jeong-Hoon Kim.

Every single part of the composition is directly connected, but sets up the recesses and different ceiling heights as their own bodies. Inside the studios the inclined walls and the sloped ceiling for the basis of an optimum room acoustics provide. Geometrically obtained by the inclined walls of the space for the recording studios cabin, which serves as a buffer between the acoustic spaces.

Description of the project by Architects.

Two musicians work in this music-studio in an old factory building, which is a center for the creative scene of Berlin. The studio consists of three multiangular boxes with independent ceilings connected to the existing structure. That way you can see the intriguing vaulted ceiling of the old factory which is illuminated by indirect lighting from the top of the two studios.

Because of the different ceiling heights and the setbacks of the walls, each part of the composition is connected to each other more


Marc Benjamin Drewes. 1998 – 2005, architectural studies RWTH Aachen und TU Delft, The Netherlands. 2003 assistant designer MVRDV, Rotterdam, The Netherlands2006 – 2008 projectleader E2A, Zürich, Switzerland. 2009 – 2012 projectleader Raumzeit, Berlin. Since 2012 office in Berlin. Since 2011 scientific staff member Technical University Berlin.