Tuñon y Albornoz Arquitectos and team win the competition to design Landbouwbelang

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Project team
Dhoore-Vanweert Architecten, and Jaspers-Eyers.
Developer / Client
Maastricht RO group, and Belgian-Limburger property developers, Vestio and Group Machiels.
Tender procedure.- May 23, 2023.
Banks of the Meuse River, in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Emilio Tuñón Álvarez, Carlos Martínez de Albornoz. Tuñón y Albornoz arquitectos

Tuñón y Albornoz Arquitectos is an international architecture office led by Emilio Tuñón Álvarez (Madrid, 1958) and Carlos Martínez de Albornoz (Huesca, 1978), dedicated to the confrontation of design and construction practice with theory and teaching. For more than two decades Tuñón y Albornoz Aquitectos, which emerged as a natural evolution of the Mansilla+Tuñón Arquitectos office, has achieved great national and international recognition.

Most of the work of Tuñón y Albornoz Aquitectos has been the result of first prizes in competitions held in Europe, North America, and Asia, mostly of a cultural nature for public institutions. Tuñón y Albornoz Aquitectos work includes many of the most prestigious Spanish museums, as well as numerous refurbishment and new construction projects, working in historical contexts with a sensitive approach to the cultural, environmental, and urban values. These include the Helga de Alvear Museum of Contemporary Art in Cáceres (2020), the Museum of Royal Collections in Madrid (2018), the MUSAC Museum of Contemporary Art in León (2004), the Auditorium of León (2002), the Regional Archive and Library of El Águila (2002), Museum of Fine Arts of Castellón (2000) and the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts of Zamora (1996).

The quality of Tuñón y Albornoz Aquitectos´ work has been recognized with some of the most important European architecture awards, such as the Mies van der Rohe Award (2007), the Spanish National Award for Architecture (2023), the Gold Medal for Merits in Fine Arts (2014) and the Fad Award (2001,2007,2011,2017).



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