Unveiling the Phonetics of Chinese Family Names. "My Name is A Painting and A Melody" by Dexin Chen and Zixuan Zhang

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Project completion date.- March 21, 2023.
New York, USA.

Dexin Chen, Zixuan Zhang. Dexin Chen, Zixuan Zhang

Dexin (Leah) Chen and Zixuan (Polly) Zhang are graphic designers and visual artists based in Brooklyn, New York. They have received multiple awards, including TDC Young Ones, ADC Young Ones (Merit for Zixuan), D&AD New Blood, Design Education Awards (Bronze), and more.

Dexin Chen works in graphic design, specializing in publication design, typography, art direction, and various editorial projects, with experience in both digital and physical media. Zixuan Zhang's works use text as materials and typographic design and movement design as ways to explore the new meanings of languages in contemporary life.
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