The void as an element of organization. Moravian Square Park Renovation by Consequence forma architects

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Consequence forma architects.
Martin Sládek, Janica Šipulová.
Project team
Project coordinator.- Nina Vlček Ličková [Consequence forma architects].
Engineering.- Barbora Bělunková [Consequence forma architects].
Landscape architecture, architecture.- Jan Schleider, Petra Buganská [Consequence forma architects].
Partial cooperation.- Prokop Matěj, Zuzana Včeláková, Katka Hlavičková [Consequence forma architects].
Landscape-vegetation solutions.- Klára Zahradníčkova.
Children's elements, collaboration on the ellipse.- Richard Loskot.
Landscape supervision.- Karin Standler.
Architectural supervision.- Franz Sumnitsch.
Rainwater management.- Jiří Vítek.
Arborist.- David Hora.
Perennials and bulbs.- Ondřej Fous and Michaela Sinkulova.
Grass communities.- Marie Straková.
Budget.- Rudolf Hlaváč, Hana Pollertová.
Standard furnishing design.- mmcité.
Statics of the café roof.- Radek Bartoněk.
Traffic and technical consultation.- Petr Bijok.
Construction technical consultation.- Babka & Šuchma.
Gravel technical consultation.- Karel Zlatuška.
Office of the Municipal District of Brno-střed.
Total area of the park including the perimeter walkway 22,365 sqm.
Vegetation and paved areas 19,887 sqm.
Moravian Square, Brno, Czech Republic.

Janica Šipulová, Martin Sládek. Consequence Forma Architects

Consequence Forma is an architecture firm founded in 2016 and led by Janica Šipulová (1986), Martin Sládek (1985). The firm has the aim of creating unique urban and architectural solutions while respecting contemporary interdisciplinary and cultural discourse. They constantly submit their designs to new questions until they find the right answers that withstand all the consequences. That is what pushes their projects and visions forward.

They focus on projects that balance architecture and urbanism, but also on settlement development strategies, urban public space, and housing, and create new connections and collaborations between disciplines. A series of successes in open competitions earned them recognition, while involvement in larger projects and interdisciplinary collaboration in Vienna shaped the studio's approach and direction.

Among their key projects are the transformation of a brewery into the New City Centre of Rybáře in Karlovy Vary, collaboration in the development of the new city for thousands of inhabitants in the South Centre of Brno, and the reconstruction of Brno's central public space - park in Moravské náměstí. The studio also focuses on urban planning concepts for various areas or extensions of cultural monuments. An essential part of its work is participation in public architectural and urban design competitions organized by major urban areas.



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