Winners of 2015 City of Dreams Pavilion Competition [BanG studio]

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Babak Bryan y Henry Grosman BanG studio

BanG studio is the collaboration between Babak Bryan and Henry Grosman. Central to our practice is the belief that our work is the resultant artifact of processes set in motion by us, as designers. While that artifact may exhibit great complexity, we believe that the only productive and interesting complexity arises through the layering of simple, well-understood processes that are controlled with precision.

For us, the ultimate power of design is its ability to effect change in the world. Much of our work layers many simple processes to create complex constructs that generate sensation, mood, feeling, and atmosphere. We produce spaces and objects that make visitors stop, take notice of the world around them, and see it in a new way. We believe the power to provide novel types of experience and meaningful social interaction is the most potent element that defines us as practitioners.

Our practice embraces recent technological advances in computing, because they are instrumental in articulating geometrical, mathematical, formal, and data driven processes. We also engage the notions of discipline and craft which can be better- equipped to deal with other kinds of physical, material, and social relationships, that are important in our work. A significant component of our practice involves the non-standard use of typical materials and an engagement with new material and construction techniques. Our use of contemporary digital fabrication techniques stems from their power to combine digital/ computational processes with physical/material realities in ways which generate new and complex relationships. The constant oscillation between physical and digital has become standard operating procedure in our practice.




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