Wood structure inside stone walls by Corpo Atelier

Wood structure inside stone walls by Corpo Atelier
[Sernancelhe] Portugal
metalocus, SARA NÁJAR
Wood structure inside stone walls by Corpo Atelier. Photograph © Ricardo Oliveira Alves
The house Wood structure between two walls is a rehabilitation project of an existing building, which only its four perimeter stone walls were preserved.
The design of the architects Corpo Atelier proposes a unique space divided only by its wooden beams and pillars and by its central staircase that communicates the ground and the first floors.

Description of the project by Corpo Atelier

“The vertical pillar extends to the far heavens.
The horizontal beam extends to somewhere unknown.
People dwell where the vertical and the horizontal intersect, awed by trees, fearing beasts and groping for their coordinates.”

Shuntaro Tanikawa

Four thick stone walls are the remaining elements of an ancient rural house. Like a box open to the sky, these walls enclose a volume that is no longer divided in
two levels, but presents its real volumetric potential.

A traditional pitched roof is placed to cover the top of the box. Inside, the wood structure that supports it is expanded vertically, tresp...read more

Corpo Atelier
Design Team
Filipe Paixão
Shortlisted for the "Portuguese Woo
d Architecture Award"

Corpo Atelier

Corpo Atelier is an architecture & art atelier focused on the exploration and expansion of the architectural anatomy. 
Based in Vilamoura and Lisbon, Corpo was founded ...read more