The World's Tallest Prefabricated and Prefinished Construction to Be Built in Singapore

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Scheduled for completion in 2026.
Silat Avenue, Singapore.

Lim Meng Hwa, Ching Hang Ping. ADDP Architects

ADDP Architects. Founded by Lim Meng Hwa y Ching Hang Ping, in 1986, ADDP Architects (renamed to ADDP Architects LLP in 2011) is a multi-faceted architectural practice based in Singapore.

ADDP pioneered the use of pre-fabricated construction methods in Singapore. We are proud to be one of the leading firms that have mastered the incorporation of construction initiatives which include, Design for Manufacturing and Assembly(DfMA) in Prefabricated Pre-finished Volumetric Construction (PPVC); Virtual Design Construction (VDC) and Building Information Management (BIM), in our Architectural projects.

ADDP is one of the first architectural firms to be certified ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System in Year 2005 as the management is committed to green and sustainable buildings design. ADDP has been awarded the BCA Built Environment Leadership Award (Gold Class Award Winner) in year 2016.



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