Yin and Yang as a design tool. Yangliping Performing Arts Center by Studio Zhu-Pei

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Studio Zhu-Pei. Design Principal.- Pei Zhu. Lead Designers.- Edwin Lam, Shuhei Nakamura.
Design team
Mo Han, Fan He, Ling Liu, Zhigang Wu, Changchen You, Gary Poon, Jun Ke, Peng Wang, Zheng Wang, Xinyue Ding, Chaoying Feng, Yida Chen, Yi Han, Wendi Lin, Yao Du.
Structure Consultant.- Professor Fu Xueyi National Engineering Survey and Design.
Mep Consultant.- CCDI. Lighting Consutlant.- Ning Field Lighting Design CO. LTD. Acustic Consultant.- China IPPR International Engineering Co. Ltd. Theater Consultant.- dUCKS scéno Creative Solution Integration LTD. Facade Consultant.- Shenzhen Dadi Facade Technology CO. LTD.
The Third Construction CO. LTD. of YCIH.
Dali Yang Liping Grand Theatre Co., LTD.
8,155 sqm.
Dali, Yunnan, China.
Weiqi Jin, Yao Zhang.

Zhu Pei, Hon. Studio Zhu-Pei

Studio Zhu-Pei. Founded in 2005 in Beijing, Studio Zhu-Pei is one of the leading Chinese architecture firms focusing on cultural projects. Studio Zhu-Pei is recognized for its experience of ability to blend forms, space, and light with great contextual sensitivity and to utilize the unique qualities of each project to create a concept-driven design. The studio specializes in seamlessly integrating new projects into contexts with particular natural, cultural and historic importance.

Studio Zhu-Pei’s design philosophy is focused on Nature Architecture, which explores the importance and relations between the root that grounds the work deeply into a specific nature and culture, and innovation that define the revolutionary thinking to the architecture.

Zhu Pei, Hon. FAIA is the founder and principal designer of the studio. He is the Dean, professor of School of Architecture, the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He has taught as a visiting professor at Harvard University and an adjunct professor at Columbia University. He was a jury member of the Mies van der Rohe Award in 2011.



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