A daisy of 8 patios in a sea of bricks. House Margarita by Sebastian Arquitectos

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Technical Architect.- Pablo Sebastián Franco (DEO, CSS). Collaborators.- Alejandro Alda, Giorgio Bernardi, Fernando Lobato, Iván Martín, Dunia Quílez, Matute y Manrique Estructuras.
Hnos Caudevilla.
House.- 700 sqm. Garden.- 500 sqm.
Brick.- La Paloma Cerámicas, solid Artisan Rustic Morella brick / solid Artisan Rustic Sepulveda brick. Floor and wall tiles.- Porcelanosa Ródano Acero / Malaga Aqua /Malaga White /Malaga Acero /Calacatta Gray. Stone.- Levantina Rain Forest Green. Thermal insulation.- Rockwool. Metalwork.- RAMCAN. Carpentry.- CORTIZO / Hormann. Mechanisms.- JUNG. Rail electrified.- Viabizzuno. Walls.- PLADUR. Bathroom fittings.- Roca. Swimming pool.- VitalPiscinas. Electricity.- Navarro y Orera. Lighting.- Rafael Alaiz. Furniture.- Natuzzi.
Av. Río Jalón, 25, Calatayud. Zaragoza, Spain.
Finished state.- Iñaki Bergera, Sebastian Arquitectos. Construction work.- Irene Ruíz, Sebastian Arquitectos.

Sergio Sebastián Franco

Sergio Sebastián´s Architecture Office was founded by Sergio Sebastián Franco in 2006 and is based in Saragossa.

Sergio Sebastián Franco. Calatayud (1976). Architect ETSA Madrid.  2002. PhD Architect  ETSA Madrid. 2016. Architectural Design at the University of Zaragoza since 2009. Among his main works are the City of Justice in Zaragoza, or the Palace of Justice in Huesca, or the Master Plan for the rehabilitation of the Palace of the Audience of Zaragoza. Among the fields of art and architecture, they have been developing pieces of artistic lighting since 2004.

Currently, he is developing various studies for the recovery of the Camino De Santiago in Aragon and the enhancement of various dispersed and abandoned heritage in various nuclei to its He passed. He is also a contributing critic at Zenda Libros.

Selected in the Spanish Pavilion of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2020. Gold Medal for the DOMUS Restauro e Conservazione Award (2014). Architecture Award with EÑE (2018 and 2016). Ricardo Magdalena Awards (2020, 2018, and 2013). Construlita Mexico Award (2019). Paysage Triennale di Milano Award (2019). Innomatnet Awards Award. New materials in Building Industrie (2014). Excellence Award in Historic Architectural Renovations in Build Magazine’s Architecture Awards (2015). Rethinking The Future International Awards Award (2018 and 2015). Blue Stone Awards Archi-World Award (2013). Special mention Europa Nostra Awards (2014). Selected in various editions of the European Landscape Biennial, the Spanish Architecture Biennial, the Urban CCCB Awards, or the CSCAE Architecture in Positive Awards. Finalist in the Arquia / Próxima awards, Piranesi Accademia Adrianea di Roma, ASCER, García Mercadal COAA, Prémio Jornal-Larus architecturas urban equipment Iberian, and LUMEC CLU Foundation Philips, SAIE Selection Contest´12 Archi-Europe.



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