A flexible space for creative practices. Binary Workshop Gallery by Yemail Arquitectura

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Design team
Architect in charge: Antonio Yemail. Design Team - Yemail Arquitectura.
Engineering - Yemail Arquitectura. Landscaping.- Alejandra Herrera Molano + Andrés Felipe Pardo Fuquen. Consultants.- Metric (Structural Design). Mauro García (Electrical Design) Mezzanines and roofs (Acesco). Collaborators.- Antonio Yemail + Juan Camilo Anzola + Eduardo Sandoval + Hania Podladowska. Model.- Sara Escobar Aristizábal + Architect Juan Sebastián Vélez.
Alejandra Herrera Molano + Andrés Felipe Pardo Fuquen.
359 sqm.
Construction completion year - 2019.
Bogotá, Colombia.
Alejandro Arango. Photographic record Model.- Julian Mahecha.

Antonio Yemail. Yemail Arquitectura

Yemail Arquitectura, founded in Bogotá in 2007, develops its professional activity in the design and execution of public and private architectural projects in various parts of Colombia and abroad.

We have worked with cultural institutions, galleries, and museums in the design of pavilions, exhibition halls, museographies, and shops, as well as in collaboration with artists for the development of installations and special projects and with creative agencies, micro and large companies in the design of workspaces, production and sales centers. We also work with developers and individuals in housing development exploring cooperative management models, the rehabilitation of modern heritage, and the use of low-cost manufacturing systems. We have participated in consultancies with foundations, universities, and development agencies for the development of public space interventions, street furniture design, and public policy planning.



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