A new perspective for the domestic and vernacular landscape. House G by Interval Architects

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Interval Architects. Lead architects.- Oscar KO and GU Yunduan.
Project team
Oscar KO, GU Yunduan, FANG Hanqi, ZHOU Yi, CHEN Heqiao, YE Changqing and CHEN Jingyi.
GU Family.
230 sqm.
ZHI Geng

Oscar KO - GU Yunduan Interval Architects

Interval Architects is a Shanghai-based architecture design practice co-founded by Oscar KO and GU Yunduan. The practice has completed several representative projects including Tower of Bricks, Raffles Kindergarten Complex and 1/2 stadium.

Work of the office has received awards and nominations including the Perspective A&D China Award(Certicifate of Excellence), 2A Asia Architecture Award (Candidate Project) , HKDC Design for Asia Award (Merit Recognition), Re-Thinking Future Award (Honorable Mention), nomination for The 3rd China Media Architecture Award (Best Architecture Award).  Interval Architects has also won prizes or shortlisted recognitions in competitions including a 2nd prize in Glass House Collection '13 competition, shortlisted entry for Spritual.d-Competition, shortlisted entry for Designboom Design for Death Architecture competition.

Interval Architects’ work has been widely presented in exhibitions such as Shanghai Urban Space Art Season Site Exhibition of Hongkou District, Architectural Society Exhibition of China CADE Architecture Design Expo, Wallpaper* Shanghai Urban Life Lab, Milan Design Week, Beijing Design Week and China 1000 exhibition. 

Work of Inteval Architects has been widely presented in exhibitions such as Milan Design Week, Beijing Design Week and China 1000 exhibition.  Interval Architects has also been published internationally in media such as METALOCUS, Desigboom, Archdaily, Dezeen, Domusweb, Perspective, d+a, CASE DA ABITARE(Chinese edition), Architecture & Culture, Taiwan Architecture, CONDE, Hinge, Gooood, China 1000, di, Landscape World, UED, T+A, DECO and etc.

奖项及提名 Awards & Nominations

- Australia <INDE Awards> The Design Studio category - Shortlist, 2020
- UK <WAN Awards> Emerging Practice of the Year - Silver Prize, 2019
- USA <Architecture MasterPrize> Institutional Architecture category - Small Firm of the Year, 2019
- UK <Dezeen Awards> Emerging Architect of the Year category - Longlist, 2019
- USA <AIA Shanghai & Beijing Chapter Architecture Design Excellence Awards> Shanghai | Beijing Shortlist, 2019
- Germany <ICONIC Awards> Best of Best & Winner, 2019
- USA <Architecture MasterPrize> Winner, 2019
- USA <Architizer A+ Awards> Special Mention, 2019
- Italy <PLAN Award> Honorable mention, 2019
- Japan <SKY Design Awards> Shortlist, 2019
- Germany <Design that Educates Award> Honorable Mention, 2019
- UK <Leaf Awards> Shortlist, 2019
- UK <Blueprint Awards> Shortlist, 2019
- 2018 Perspective A&D China Award- Certificate of Excellence
- 2018 Asia Architecture Award - Candidate project 
- 2018 Perspective 40 under 40 Awards
- 2016 重庆南滨特区超高层绿色生态空间设计优秀奖
- 2014 Design for Asia Award Merit Recognition 香港年度亚洲最具影响力设计优异奖 
- 2014  Re-Thinking Future Award (优异奖)
- 2012 The Third China Media Architecture Award Nomination
- 2012 Glass House Collection '13 竞赛 (二等奖)



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