A new version of itself. CUF Descobertas by Rui Maia/IDOM

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Studio.- IDOM. Head Architect.- Rui Maia. Architects.- Jorge Matias, João Santos, Javier Díaz, Laura Valcarcel, Magdalena Ostornol, María del Pino, Pablo Viña.
Costs.- Carmen Camarno. Structures.- Carlos Castañon, Pedro Viegas, David García, Romina González. Hydraulic Building Services.- António Cardoso Gaspar, Susana Maduro. Fire Safety.- Belén Herrero. HVAC.- Ramón Gutierrez, José Sereno, Isaac Lorenzo, Javier Sánchez, Antonio Mendoza, Colaboradores. Energy Efficiency And Sustainability.- Ramón Gutierrez, Javier Martín. Energy Performance Certificate.- Ana Rita Henriques. Electricity Building Services.- Luís Barra, Joao Parreira. Technical Management.- Luís Barra. Voice And Data/Telecommunications.- Asís Hernando, Inés Horta. Special Building Services (Medicinal Gases, Pneumatic Tube Transport).- Julio César García, Carmén Vieira. Acoustics.- Mario Torices, Odete Domingues. Office Clerks.- Vanesa Marrero Castro, Isabel Cantero Murillo. Construction Stage Technical Coordination.- António Cardoso Gaspar, Carmén Vieira, António Jorge Matias, Belén Herrero, Pedro Viegas, Luís Barra, Inês Cardoso, José Sereno. Interior Design.- P-06 ATELIER. Computer Graphics.- Manuel Leira Carmena.
IMO HEALTH – Investimentos Imobiliários, Unipessoal Lda.
23.010 m²
R. Mário Botas, 1998-018 Lisboa, Portugal

Rui Maia

Rui Maia.- Senior architect and partner at IDOM, specialist in hospital architecture with 31 years of experience. He was Director of IDOM's ​​Architecture Area in Portugal between 2001 and 2011 and currently takes on the role of Technical Manager and Main Coordinator of the hospital projects carried out by IDOM in various parts of the world, based in Madrid.

Among his projects, the following hospitals stand out: Hospital del Salvador in Chile, Departmental Hospital of Chinandega in Nicaragua, Hospital Carlos Roberto Huembes in Managua in Nicaragua, Hospital Julio de Matos in Portugal, Particular Hospital of Fátima in Portugal, Hospital CUF Descobertas - Parque EXPO Lisboa, Hospital de Amarante in Portugal, Hospital do Lidador, Maia, in Portugal, Microcular Clinic in Lisbon, Hospital Infanta Leonor in Madrid, New Hospital in Vila Franca de Xira in Portugal, bidding projects for hospitals with APP financing model in Spain, Portugal, Chile and Mexico.




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