A perfect interior-exterior relationship in the AM Residence, by Andramatin Architect

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Andramatin Architect
Andra Matin and Ditee Matin
378 m²
Design.- 2007-2012. Completed.- 2012

Andramatin Andramatin

Andramatin, established since 1998, have works ranging from residential, hotel, office, museum, park, commercial and exhibition, have also appeared in international media. Isandra Matin Ahmad, the director, is one of the founders of Arsitek Muda Indonesia (Young Architects of Indonesia, AMI), which has greatly influenced the progress of architecture in Indonesia. Often assigned as a visiting professor in Indonesia and abroad, he has won numerous awards, including the Association of Architects of Indonesia (Ikatan Arsitektur Indonesia, IAI), in 1999 and 2002, 2006 and 2011. Inspired by the great love for travel, contemporary jazz and art In movies, andramatin continues to look for experiences to influence and develop his ideas even more.



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