A smooth integration into the landscape. Pierres Blanches Cultural center by RAUM architects

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Project team
Main architect.- RAUM architects. General engineering.- Serba. Engeneering.- Isocrate. Economy.- cmb44. Acoustics.- serdb. Scenography.- Laurence Leroy. Landscape designer.- d’ici là.
Project management.- City of Saint-Jean-de-Boiseau.
1,230 sqf. GFA. 5,230sqm. Outdoor spaces.
€ 3.33 M.
Laureate of the Competition.- October 2016. Project delivery.- September 2019.
Demolition, asbestos removal.- Demcoh. Earthwork, Infrastructure work, landscaping.- Pigeon TP. Structural works.- Angevin Donada. Brick facade.- Byn. Wood carpenter.- Caillaud bois. Zinc cladding.- Le Lorec. Outdoor woodwork.- Loiseau. Metal work, locksmith.- Juignet. Partiton wall, insulation, ceiling.- MGP. Indoor woodwork.- Agasse. Flooring, mural.- Rossi. Inlay wood flooring.- Jad’O Parquet. Painting.- Volume et couleurs. Locksmith, machinery and stage hangings.- 2.44 3D Maussion. Telescopic bleachers.- Samia Devianne. Plumbing, heating system, ventilation.- Adeclim. Electricity.- AM3I+.
Concrete.- structure, walls. Terracotta bricks.- exterior insulation, sun protection, interior acoustic, outdoor floor. Oak.- structure, joinery.Zinc.- roofing.
Roof covering.- VM Zinc. Brick façade.- Petersen. Fenestration & Glazing.- Marquis / Jansen / Saint-Gobain Glass. Doors gates.- Marquis / Malerta. Wooden floor.- Junckers. Heating and cooling technology.- Radson / Finimetal / Komfovent. Lighting.- Xelium / Disano / SLV. Sanitary.- Allia / Jacob Delafon. Interior wall, suspended ceilings.- Knauf. Furniture.- Malerba / D-Line Georgen.
Saint Jean de Boiseau, France.
Audrey Cerdan, Stéphane Chalmeau, Raum.

RAUM architects

RAUM is an architectural studio founded in 2007 where research and experimentation on the forms of inhabiting the contemporary world are developed.

The working method developed here is rooted in the singularities of each place and each programme: starting from the particular in order to "go up in generality", in other words to situate architecture as a relational tool between the local and the universal, the place and the environment.

If the challenges of contemporary architecture are indeed situated in this double consideration of the particular and the collective, the hypothesis developed by the RAUM studio is neither backward-looking nor mimetic: it is through the construction of singular situations that architecture can offer a sufficiently powerful desire to transform reality. Building is the medium of the RAUM studio, at different scales and in a wide variety of "disciplinary fields": contemporary art, individual and collective housing, workplaces (tertiary, equipment, agricultural), educational and cultural sites.

RAUM is also a workshop where prototypes and silk-screen prints are produced, which hosts residencies, exhibitions and concerts, a place in perpetual construction where the material is put to the test of the world.



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