A throbbing element as the main core. BABAMA Concept Store by ATMOSPHERE Architects

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ATMOSPHERE Architects.
Chief Designer.- Tommy Yu.
Collaborative Design.- Aubrey Liu.Valo Xiao.
Animation Design.- ViVi Lee.
Prop&Installation.- ATMOSPHERE Architects.
Lighting Solution.- ArtLuci x Owen.
108 m².
Completion Time.- March 2023.
Shanghai, China.
Chuan He from Here Space.

Tommy Yu. ATMOSPHERE Architects

ATMOSPHERE Architects was founded in 2018 by Tommy Yu. As an architecture and interior design firm, they dedicate to research and practice through a global perspective. The team is composed of senior architects and designers who graduated from top domestic and overseas universities, devoted to exploring the relationship between contemporary architecture and space in a thoughtful and logical way.

Their work includes architectural design, interior space design, installation and artwork, contemporary video and multimedia production, and their ultimate goal is to lead in modern aesthetics and ideas.  At the same time, they incorporate cutting-edge technology and work with contemporary artists and designers in crossover fields. Explore the future of "new retail" with avant-garde design ideas to break the creative boundaries.
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