A timber structure from the French Massif Central. Sports and Cultural Hall by Link Architectes

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LINK architects, Cabinet Denizou (budget), Batiserf (structure), Nicolas Ing. (MEP), acoustic engineering (acoustician), Opus development (VRD).
Commune de Puy-Guillaume.
GFA.- 1,786 m².
Competition.- 2018.
Completion Year.- 2022.
63290 Puy-Guillaume, France.

Jérôme Glairoux, Romain Chazalon, Gérald Lafond. LINK architectes

LINK architectes. Based in Lyon, the Link architects agency was founded in 2010 and brings together the architects Jérôme Glairoux, Romain Chazalon and Gérald Lafond.

Jérôme Glairoux, Romain Chazalon and Gérald Lafond. graduated from the Saint-Etienne school of architecture, where they now teach. In 2010, they created the Link agency. Now based in Lyon, they won the Ajap in 2018. If almost ten years separate the partners, their complicity in the design is obvious. For them, the sensitive qualification of spaces is fundamental. With each project, they manipulate plans and sections, masses and light, operating a gymnastics of uses from which their formal proposals derive. "To build is to be interested in an "inhabited interiority" because architecture is the result of a way of life", they defend. Link notably delivered a gymnasium in Saint-Étienne and a 46-unit operation in Aubière (Puy-de-Dôme).
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