Activating the rural territory. Steirereck restaurant at Pogusch by PPAG architects

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PPAG architects. Lead architects.- Anna Popelka, Georg Poduschka.
Project team
Anna Popelka, Georg Poduschka, Paul Fürst, Lukas Ortner, Christian Wegerer, Jakub Dvorak, Billie Murphy, Jonas Steinmetz, Maximilian Keil.
Structural design: Werkraum Ingenieure
Fire protection planning: kunz DIE INNOVATIVEN BRANDSCHUTZPLANER
Infiltration concept and soil expertise: Geologie Weixelberger
Vegetation concept glass houses: Green4Cities
Tendering: Buchegger.
Local construction supervision: Viereck Architekten
Building physics: rosenfelder & höfler consulting engineers
Lighting design: Ing. Johannes Jungel-Schmid
Building services planning: TBH Ingenieur
Landscape architecture: Client and Viereck Architekten
Steirereck Stadtpark GmbH.
Site area.- 11,762 m².
GFA existing building.- 756 m².
GFA new building.- 2,957 m².

Visitor places restaurant.- 146.
Overnight accommodations in the large glass house.- 20.
Employees.- 55.
Pogusch, Styria, Turnau, Austria.

Anna Popelka, Georg Poduschka. PPAG Architects

Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka run the PPAG architects office (Vienna / Berlin) together with their team. Since its foundation in 1995, they have been working continuously in the field of research and development of architecture in the broadest sense, with the aim of realizing innovation. 

Even though they design projects for the entire scope of architecture – to begin with the now world famous Enzi elements for Vienna’s Museumsquartier – in recent years their housing and school projects have become especially prominent, such as the Europan 6 residential hill and the Sonnwendviertel educational campus in Vienna, the Slim City in Aspern or the secondary school in Sauland (Norway). Special projects such as the Pah-Cej-Kah office and commercial building or the Steirereck restaurants in Vienna and Styria also saw their inception. In Berlin, PPAG are currently building a school building for an integrated secondary school and a high school in the Allee der Kosmonauten. 

The office has won numerous national and international awards, including the Prize for Architecture of the City of Vienna, the Adolf Loos State Prize for Design, the Hans Hollein Art Prize for Architecture and three-time nominations for the Mies van der Rohe Award of the European Union.



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