Altered reality, technology and art. LR3 Experience by NeuronaLab + Ruben Casquero

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Creative Direction
October, 2022.
080 Barcelona Fashion Week. Hospital de Sant Pau, C/ de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167, 08025 Barcelona, Spain.

Ana García López. Neurona.Lab

Neurona.Lab is the result of more than twenty years of professional experience in the field of architecture, interior design and teaching. During the last decade we have carried out projects in which we intuitively sought to achieve the comfort of our clients, through the functionality, order and materiality of the space.

Ana García López. Architect with a University Master's Degree in teacher training from the UPC. I studied one academic year at the FAUP school in Portugal. I have collaborated with various architecture studios such as Romagosa Caralt, CPAARQS and Boquer Julià with the positions of head of work teams, responsible for project planning and construction and implementation of the ISO 9001 standard.

She completed the Postgraduate in Project and Construction Processes in 2005 and established herself as a professor of architectural projects with an independent office, collaborating mainly with EC Compta Arquitectes. Master's Degree in Teacher Training at the UPC, 2007. Postgraduate in Architecture+Health and international conferences on neuroarchitecture, 2022.

In 2011 she co-founded the architecture firm Nook Architects, where I have managed projects for more than ten years. In 2015 I created Zamness Coworking Spaces.

She is currently the founder of NeuronaLab and director of the Master's degree in interior space design at the LCI Barcelona School. Specialized in housing and office projects, she applies neuroarchitecture and bioconstruction criteria to obtain healthy environments.

Ruben Casquero

Ruben Casquero. Architect from the School of Barcelona and from the Glasgow School of Arts. Master in Humanities: contemporary art, culture and literature. He combines his professional activity with teaching and research in the graphic expression department of the UPC-ETSAV and the UIC-SoA.
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