Amchit Residence by Blankpage Architects

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Patrick Mezher, Karim Nader and Walid Ghantous. Blankpage Architects.

Blankpage Architects is formed by Patrick Mezher, Karim Nader and Walid Ghantous. Founded in the year 2000, Blankpage is a collaborative design studio of architects, urban designers and artists. Driven by the desire to produce architecture of high quality and craftsmanship, the studio’s goal is to start every project from a blank page, i.e. without preconception of form or style. The studio’s credo is that each project should respond to the specificities of the context it stems from and that, driven by the symbolic and historical manifestations which are present in the place and the particularities of the given program, the resulting building will be an event that moves the city and its inhabitants into a novel experience of space.

The growing portfolio of projects tackles a variety of programs in the contexts of Lebanon and the Arab World. Blankpage’s experience ranges from public buildings (cineplexes, museum, night clubs) to residential and commercial developments. Completed in June 2011, Pier 7 has been featured in several local and international publications. Currently, Tahan Villa and Amchit Residence are completed and a major seaside mansion is under construction. The completed works also feature a 3,500sqm retail and office space in Sin el Fil and an office tower in Chiah.




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