House of Peace by Ishigami + Svendborg

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Svendborg Architects With 10 years’ experience from some of the biggest architecture firms in Denmark, Johnny Svendborg established Svendborg Architects in 2007.

They believe in contextual innovation, which means that, for us, understanding the context is the starting point of every project. This context is interpreted in terms of the site, but also in terms of the ambitions of the client, the user, and others who are part of the development of the project. Svendborg Architects enable clients to see new possibilities in their needs and within the context of the building site.

They believe that ethics come before aesthetics and respectful, contextual understanding is not in opposition to beautiful, innovative architectural solutions.


Junya Ishigami

Junya Ishigami, born in Tokyo, Japan (1974). Education:
1994 - 1998 Musashi Institute of Technology. 
1998 - 2000 Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

Professional experience:
 2000 - 2004 Kazuyo Sejima + Associates. 
In 2004 he set up his own firm, "Junya Ishigami + Associates". Junya Ishigami questions common understanding of architecture. This allows him to create things beyond trends, established principles and definitions, develop new structures, new spaces and organize the environment differently. He hopes his projects will be able to change the lifestyle of modern architecture radically and fill it with new values.

Main projects:
 Table. Tokyo, Japan, 2005
T. project. (First prize in residential architecture project sponsored by the Tokyo Electric Power Company). Tokyo, Japan, 2005 
Balloon. Tokyo, Japan, 2007
Kanagawa Institute of Technology KAIT kobo. Kanagawa, Japan, 2008
Yohji Yamamoto New York Gansevoort street store, NY, USA, 2008.

Main awards:
 “low chair and round table” were acquired by the Pompidou Centre. Milan, Italy, 2004, 
SD Prize for “small garden of row house”. Japan, 2005, 
Kirin Prize for “Table” . Tokyo , Japan, 2005, 
First prize in residential architecture project for “t project”. Tokyo, Japan, 2005, 
“Table” shown at the Basel Art Fair by Gallery Koyanagi in 2006 and acquired by the Israel Museum. Basel , Swiss, 2006.




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