Apartment Corsega by RAS architecture

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Raúl Sánchez Molina
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raul sanchez architects. RAÚL SÁNCHEZ MOLINA

raul sanchez architects is an architecture and design practice based in Barcelona, founded by Raúl Sánchez (Linares, 1978). He graduated from the architecture school in Granada, Spain and starting in 2006 worked  under the name of Agencia de Construcción de IDeas. Since 2005 he resides and works in Barcelona developing a professional activity which includes architecture, urbanism, design, and resources, ideas and techniques management. He is currently a professor in 'Private Perimeters', a postgraduate diploma in the Elisava School, Barcelona.

The studio's awards include: Premis FAD 2018 - Selected. Premis FAD 2017 - Selected. Arquia Próxima V, 1st Special Mention of the Jury. Premis Catalunya Construcció 2016 - Selected. bcnappsjam. jury's special prize. Ecobarrios competition - Honourable Mention. Europan 8 Valladolid, Spain - 1st prize.



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