ar+quitectura plàstica

ar+quitectura plàstica
SALA B'art del COAC. [BCN]. December 1, 2011. 19.00 h.
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Next thursday, opening exhibition "ar+quitectura plástica" in Sala B'art COAC, Barcelona, ​​at 19.00 h. The exhibition consists of some of the projects that emerged from the young studio in the first 5 years of experience.

ar +chitecture plastic is an art studio specializing in architectural spaces intervene.

Work in collaboration with Architecture firms jointly solve some spaces or elements of the project through artistic practice.

The study consists of a flexible, interdisciplinary team of architects, visual artists and artisans, created and directed by the architect Oriol Texidor plastic (Barcelona 1974).

Venue: SALA B'art del COAC., Plaça Nova, 5. Barcelona.
Date and Time: December 01, 2011. 19.00 h.