Casa Carpinos by Andrés Stebelski. The floating box

Casa Carpinos by Andrés Stebelski. The floating box
[Mexico City] Mexico
metalocus, SARA NÁJAR
Casa Carpinos by Andrés Stebelski. Photograph © Nasser Malek

A cubic soil volume raised from the ground level is integrated into the topography of the site and forms the Casa Carpinos.

The design for the house of Andrés Stebelski is based on a simple cube that has attached a rectangular garden, which provides life and light to interior spaces.

Description of the project by Andrés Stebelski

This construction, located in a wooded area of ​​Mexico City, is conceived as a family housing that takes advantage of the site and its surrounding environment.

The terrain, almost square, is divided into two rectangles that are perpendicular to the street: the house was built in one of them and the garden in the other. Taking advantage of the topography of the land, the garage and the cellars became the base or the pedestal from which the rest of the house is slightly floating, that is read like a cube, or rather a rectangular prism.

This cube, with soil finish, is completely open in its south facade, integrating itself physically and visually with the garden. Both the living room, dining room and kitchen more

Asarquitecto. Andrés Stebelski
500 m²


Andrés Stebelski was born in Mexico City in 1977. He graduated from the School of Architecture at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York in 2002.

Andrés Stebelski is passionate about architecture, spaces and materials. He is interested in each stage of the architectural process: from conception to construction. He gets fully involved in each project and spends a lot of time more