Four Patio House by Andrés Stebelski

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Andrés Stebelski

Andrés Stebelski was born in Mexico City in 1977. He graduated from the School of Architecture at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York in 2002.

Andrés Stebelski is passionate about architecture, spaces and materials. He is interested in each stage of the architectural process: from conception to construction. He gets fully involved in each project and spends a lot of time on site reviewing the details. This is how he conceives his job as an architect: the ability to execute is as important as the creative process, so that the result lives up to the expectations of his clients and his. He believes that one of the basic rules is that architecture must be at the service of man; the spaces are designed to be traveled, lived and enjoyed. Often interior design is an integral part of the project, and is conceived along with architecture, and often the furniture is designed especially for the place.

Awards.- "AAI Award" Association of Architects and Interior Designers Mexico Four Patio House: 1st place in the residential architecture category, September 2014, Mexico. "Noldi Schreck Award" Glocal Magazine Casa de los 4 patios: 1st place in the category residential architecture, August 2014, Mexico. "Edlitz Traveling Fellowship 2005" Cornell University, USA "Undergraduate Prize for Architecture 2000" Berkeley University, USA



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