Four Patio House by Andrés Stebelski

Four Patio House by Andrés Stebelski
[Ciudad de Mexico] Mexico
metalocus, SILVIA BATRES
Interior view. Four Patio House by Andrés Stebelski. Photograph © Onnis Luque
Andrés Stebelski architect builds a house in San Miguel Chapultepec, an area in Mexico City, in the old district of Tacubaya.

Andrés Stebelski proposes a house altenating built volumenes and emptys (patios), which provide the house of an unique space, where inside and outside are mixed and all is one. In addition, he projects a garden on the roof where the occupants can relax and enjoy the great views of the district.

Description of the project by Andrés Stebelski

Located in the old district of Tacubaya in Mexico City, this house employs a contemporary language in an attempt to reinterpret the use of patios.

The floor plan can be read like a chessboard, alternating solid volumes and open patios; but since the design of the house is all in glass, the space is conceived as one: the inside becomes the outside and vice-versa.

The metal structure plays an important role in the project by creating a three-dimensional grid that defines the spaces and which is slender enough to allow transparency. The visible structure of both the ceilings and the floors provide rhythm and more


Andrés Stebelski was born in Mexico City in 1977. He graduated from the School of Architecture at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York in 2002.

Andrés Stebelski is passionate about architecture, spaces and materials. He is interested in each stage of the architectural process: from conception to construction. He gets fully involved in each project and spends a lot of time more