Fresnos House in Mexico City by Ludens

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Iván Hernández Quintela founded ludens in 2002. Based in Mexico City, the firm critically studies “how objects and spaces tend to affect one’s behavior, not by becoming neutral or unaffecting mechanisms, but by becoming interactive mechanisms, capable of transformation by their users.” “Tools for Everyday Living,” his recent small-scale series of projects ranging from furniture to room installations, challenges assumptions of space and usage. The “segregator” explores the arbitrariness of security checkpoints; “bird houses” uses minimal architectural gestures to suggest potential inhabitations and possible appropriations. The “see-saw table” destabilizes the conventions of eating and conversation.

ludens has exhibited work throughout Mexico and has been published in Celeste and On Site. Ivan Hernandez Quintela received his bachelor of architecture degree from the University of Texas, Austin and is adjunct design professor in the Architecture and Urbanism Department at the Universidad Iberoamericana.



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