Ajijic House by Tatiana Bilbao

Ajijic House by Tatiana Bilbao
[Jalisco] México
Casa Ajijic by Tatiana Bilbao. Photograph © Iwan Baan
Today we bring you a house in Mexico; its main characteristic is the use of the materials, spread in layers, which accentuate the color of the walls and imitate mud constructions. The house is articulated in a series of volumes with inverted roofs, a fact that makes it much more dynamic and interesting.

Memoria del proyecto

An adaptable, integrated, vernacular and low maintenance summer house was requested by the client. The demands of the housing program gave us the opportunity to use simple geometric shapes that responded to them in a successful way.

The configuration of the cubes gave us the possibility of having individual spaces but also of having a complete unity by partly touching and overlapping into each other. The cubes create private, semi-public and public spaces in a complex way through a simple act. This house can serve for all possible constellations that can come up in a family life.

The materials of the cubes present a game of contrasts between the transparent, reflective and opaque. The apertures respond to the surroundings opening towards the views of the lake and protecting against cold northern winds.

All of that gives the building simplicity and at the same time a high complexity between its interior and the surroundings.

Building with a material found on site rediscovers an ancient system which we often forget because of technological advances. Colors and textures in the walls merge with the landscape to brin...read more


Tatiana Bilbao (Mexico City, 1972). Graduated from Architecture and Urbanism at Universidad Iberoamericana in 1996, in 1998 she won honorable mention for her career and also appreciation for the best thesis of the year. Advisor for Urban Projects at the Urban Housing and Development Department of Mexico City in 1998-99. As advisor for the government, Tatiana was member of the urban counci...read more