104 Social Housing Units in Borinbizkarra

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Iñaki Garai Zabala is part of ACXT architects (IDOM Group) since 1993. Member of the group since 2002, is director of Architecture, from the North zone. Among his most important works include the General Services Building in Erandio, a sports center in Bakio, Beijing Campus of CEIBS Business School and a number of social housing developments.

His work has been recognized by awards FAD, the Biennial of Spanish Architecture, Camuñas Foundation, the International Architecture Biennale of Sao Paulo and more recently by the China Association of Architects. His projects have been published in prestigious journals and books on architecture.

He has spoken at national and international levels: at the Cervantes Institute in London, at universities in Spain and Mexico in the IASP Congress in Beijing among others.

ACXT, an architecture services provider. Its philosophy marks the creation of a professional framework of collaboration and avail of its members’ synergies, always from a full understanding of architecture: both technically and culturally. ACXT is committed to signature architecture, understood in terms of respect for the creative values that architects, with a clear customer orientated practice, have historically contributed throughout the whole intellectual and constructive process.

ACXT-IDOM has become the largest provider of professional services to architecture in Spain and one of the most relevant worldwide. In the January 2012 edition of the BD World Architecture’s Annual Survey, a British publication that gathers the hundred most important architecture firms worldwide, ACXT-IDOM was ranked number 48.


Inés López Taberna is architect from the University of Navarre specialized in town planning.She works at IDOM since 1997 and she is a member since 2008. Her work as an architect has been extensive in the field of council housing, for both private and public developers. Particularly outstanding are the 88 and 65 council dwellings in Zabalgana and the 72 and 104 in Elejalde and Borinbizkarra.



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