Cave Dwelling Shall Predict the Future. Experience Hall for Passive House by Towodesign

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Lead designer
He Mu.
Curation interior design
He Mu, Chen Jie, Shi Lei.
Exhibition item design
Chen Jie, Shi Lei.
Lighting design.- He Beixiang, Hui Yue. Parametric design.- Li Wang.
Shanghai Demao Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
Texture paint, diatom mud, gray brick, stainless steel, cement self-leveling, waste electrical appliances.
Gaoxin Real Estate.
1400 sqm.
Completion time.- January 2021.
Yunshui 3rd Road, Yanta District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province.
Shao Feng.

He Mu, Zhang Qian. Towodesign

Towodesign focuses on designs of comprehensive exhibition hall and commercial space, and highlights the all-round integration between space and multimedia. It strives to customize the brand strategy from the aspects of functional composition, cultural integration and terminal integration, excavates new value of communication for corporates, and implants information in the overall design that is centered on space. Towodesign finally ensures the implementation of all details through a comprehensive approach including cost control, project implementation, soft decoration configuration and construction of art installation.

Senior space designer, exhibition planner and designer, and furniture designer.

He Mu is the Co-Founder and Art Director of Towodesign. He was graduated from China Academy of Art and studied in NABA-Nouva Accademia di Belle Arti Milano in Italy. With many years of experience in the field of comprehensive design, he has distinctive interpretations and expressions of brands and spaces, and he is good at integrating parametric digital design, art installation design and brand communication into the design.

He Mu was awarded the "2020 Top 10 Designer" and "40 Under 40 Chinese Young Design Elite". In 2019 he was honored by Sina as one of the TOP 10 Interior Design New Force, and in 2018 his team was recognized as the "Top 30 Growing Design Powers" by Modern Decoration. His works have won many awards, such as iF Design Award, A' Design Award, Frame Awards, Best of Year Awards, Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, Idea-Tops Award, Jintang Prize, The Golden Bund Award and Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards.

Zhang Qian, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Towodesign, was graduated from China Academy of Art. She has been engaged in various types of designs for many years, including brand creativity and planning, exhibition design, interior design, soft decoration design and graphic design, and she is good at the overall packaging and promotion of brands.



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