Changing spatial relationships to achieve spatial diversity. T noie house by Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates

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Garden Design.- GARDEN WORKS ENZO.
Toyonaka construction Co.,Ltd. Structure Company.- Tatsumi Terado Structural Studio
Site Area.- 184.0m². Built Area.- 102.0m². Built footprint.- 54.60m²

Katsutoshi Sasaki, Shogo Sakurai. Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates

Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates. Architecture firm established by Katsutoshi Sasaki in Toyota (Aichi), Japan, in 2008. Associates architects.- Rina Tanaka (2015) Namika Fujino (2020).

Katsutoshi Sasaki, born in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, in 1976. Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Kinki University (Hiroshima, 1999. European travel, he learn architecture through a three-month experience, 1999. Hhe worked at a design office (Tokyo), learning architectural theory and practice, 2000. Worked at a design and construction company (Tochigi), learning planning, design, and construction, 2004.

Since 2015 was part-time lecturer at Aichi Institute of Technology (-2018). 2015- Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Kinki University. Late weekly day trips to Hiroshima. 2018 Concept house completed. Construction of a viewable house next to the office. 2019- Part-time lecturer at Meijo University.

2020 Completed Master's program at Department of Social Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology (master/engineering). 2020- Part-time lecturer, Nagoya University.



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