Community and densification. Urban Spaces 2 / Mumuleanu 14 Apartment Building by ADNBA

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Lead Architects.- Andrei Șerbescu, Adrian Untaru, Bogdan Brădățeanu, Petra Bodea, Mihail Filipenco. Structure.- Popp&Asociatii. MEP.- M.C. General Construct Engineering.
Ro Company Construct.
1,924 sqm.
Bucharest, Romania.
Andrei Margulescu, Laurian Ghinitoiu, Daniel Miroțoi.

Andrei Șerbescu, Adrian Untaru, Bogdan Brădățeanu. ADNBA

ADNBA was established in 2003 in Bucharest, by Andrei Șerbescu and Adrian Untaru, later joined by Bogdan Brădățeanu. The work of the practice is characterised by the attempt to search for the right balance between experiment and experience in the complex and delicate landscape of contemporary life. While they believe in architecture as a creative gesture, with cultural value and social responsibility, they also acknowledge the sometimes hazardous, and always subjective distinction between such attributes, in a rapidly changing environment as nowadays Romania and the whole of Eastern Europe.

The challenges brought by the different scales, the diverse urban and cultural contexts, or the various building types they have worked with so far, have all enriched their experience and understanding of the many-sided nature of the profession. The practice has achieved critical recognition for both their built projects and their competitions entries, many of which have been awarded in national and international juries.

They are currently involved in a diverse body of work, including mostly residential offices and public projects. In all of these, they strive for a wider and wiser understanding of the city and its evolution, this being also the essential background for their thoughts, hopes, and doubts. But upon this background, the specific situation which each project and place bring to them, together with its fragile ties to the people, the neighborhoods, and their stories, is what interests them most.



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