Comprehensive renovation using bright and vitalistic skylights. Santa Clara apartment building by Lagula Arquitectes

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Project team
Isa Lozano, Gemma Arco, Maria Rosario Herrero, Antonio García, Inés Alomar, Patrizia Etxebarria, Mària Canel, Nando Cabanillas, Toni Cladera, Aleix Ranera, Jan Carol, Carmen Barberá, Rafa Berengena, Martí Bosch, Marta Chinchilla, Clara Tarrats, Viktória Ramos, Anna Miquel, Xavier Font, Assia El Hamadani, Guillem Bargues, Albert Perarnau.
MEP engineering.- Ordeic.
Construccions Busquets.
Zenith Houses, Santa Clara Building.
2016 - 2020.
Carrer Sta. Clara 11, Girona, Spain.

Toni Alonso, Martin Ezquerro, Ignacio López, Manuel Morante, Marc Zaballa. Lagula Arquitectes

Lagula Arquitectes revolves around five architects partners Toni Alonso, Martin Ezquerro, Ignacio López, Manuel Morante and Marc Zaballa, born between 1974 and 1976 faculty friends from their years at ETSA of Barcelona.

Lagula Arquitectes is an architecture firm based in Barcelona since 2001. It gathers five partners and friends together with a team of collaborators. Toni Alonso, Martin Ezquerro, Ignacio López, Manuel Morante, and Marc Zaballa, born between 1974 and 1976 and friends of faculty from their years at ETSA in Barcelona, ​​this union led them to rent together a local, an old restaurant where they could do work and designed their PFC, called "La Gula", the name with which they decided to be baptized.

Their projects have been recognized at the Landscape Biennial, FAD and Lacetania awards, most of which are built-in Spain and cities and towns in Catalonia: Lloret de Mar, Sant Adrià del Besos, and Avià.

The firm's professional practice addresses projects of all types and scales, for public and private clients. Lagula combines architectural production with national (UPC) and international research and teaching (Tsinghua University of Beijing, GeorgiaTech, AAVA London).
Lagula arquitectes work seeks to be attentive to the location and reflective about programmatic conditions. Through a practice based on the unconventional use of traditional materials and techniques.
The cultural architectural fact is faced through an intense idealistic pragmatism. To link the social character with the sense of the landscape, from the specificity of the local environment and culture.
Lagula Arquitectes had been awarded in national and international architecture competitions, such as the Patum Museum; Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.
Lagula Arquitectes had participated as speakers at congresses and conferences. Their work had been recognized in the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture; at the FAD awards, at the European Architecture and Landscape Biennale, at the Venice Biennale, and through various general and specialized media around the world.



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