Connection with nature. Center for Early Childhood Education and Care by Takeru Shoji

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Structural design.- Takeru Shoji Yuki, Hirano.
Project architects.- Tetsuya Tanaka+Takuto Hashimoto.
Mechanical equipment design.- Toshiaki Honma.
Electrical installation design.- Hitoshi Kuwano , Kenichiro Taiko.
Lighting design.- Mariko Naito.
Contractor.- Yoshiaki Sato, Hiroshi Sawamura, Jyuinichi kawase.
Project partner.- Masayuki Sato.
1,586 m².
Project completion.- End of 2021.
Nishi-ku - Niigata-city, Japan.
Koji Fujii.

Takeru Shoji Architects

The Japanese architecture studio Takeru Shoji Architects has been founded in 2008 by the architect Takeru Shoji. Takeru Shoji's desire is not only to create a living space to meet the changing needs of a home, commercial area, or public space, but also to create a living environment that makes those who inhabit it happy.

The architect wants not only the owners and residents of the building to be moved and feel its unique characteristics, but also those who live nearby or just passing through. Takeru Shoji believes that creating an "open" environment through designs is more important than the buildings themselves. By "open" the architect means a place that is suitable for people and gives them, as human beings, a comfortable place and a moment to just be.

This is very different from the concept of designing a building simply for function and comfort. Some may find the concept vague and perhaps a bit difficult to understand, but that vagueness is precisely the basis for Takeru Shoji's current designs.



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