Conservation and improvement of architectural heritage. Villa Rossi by G Studio

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G Studio. Lead architect.- Enrico Giacopelli.
Project and Site Management.- G Studio (Enrico Giacopelli with Cristina De Paoli) – Turin.
Energy Analysis.- Stefano Fantucci – Polytechnic University of Turin.
Plant Engineering.- FAPA Engineering – Turin.
Structural Calculations and Safety.- Eng. Gianfranco Angera – Ivrea, Italy.
Construction and Restoration Works.- F.lli Perino Company – Ivrea, Italy.
Light Carpentry Works.- Rolla Company – Albiano di Ivrea, Italy.
Window Restoration and Carpentry Works.- Bertoldo Carpentry – Vidracco, Italy.
Site Area.- 2,065.5 sqm.
Covered Area.- 283 sqm.
Gross Usable Area on the underground Floor.- 194 sqm.
Gross Usable Area on the Ground Floor.- 113 sqm.
Project and Execution.- 2020-2023.
Banchette, Ivrea, Italy.
Acacia Parquet.- Tolin Parquets - Torre San Giorgio, Italy.
Special Insulation Products.- Infinite R™ PCM, E4e – Arvier, Aosta Italy.
Aerogel.- AMA Aeropan.
Cork Products and Blowing Insulation (Supplier).- Centro dell'Isolamento – Villarbasse, Italy.
Cork.- Tecnosugheri Korkpan and Korkgran tostato.
Pyrolytic Glass.- AGC Flat Glass Italia S.r.l. – Cuneo, Italy.
Ceramic and Sanitary Products (Supplier).- Habitat + – Turin, Italy.
Ceramic Products.- Florim, Ceramica De Maio.
Sandstone Sunshades.- CEIPO – Chiusi, Italy.

Giacopelli, Falletti. G Studio

G Studio is an architecture studio founded in 1985 by Enrico Giacopelli and Mauro Falletti and based in the city of Turin, Italy.

The studio, which specializes in architecture and urban planning, focuses on the ability to listen to and respect the needs, times, and budgets of its clients. Their projects are based on the contextualization of the architectural theme, critical respect for the values of the built environment, and the rational use of resources.

Each G Studio project is the concrete result of the reflection developed by its members around the themes of the conservation of built space, the appropriate use of technology, and the transformation of fragile natural environments, attributing to them the necessary conceptual solidity and pragmatic attitude. to face with competence and creativity a design market in rapid transformation, to which they aim to offer ingenious services and not simple "engineering services".



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