Cornerstone of research and development campus. Life Science Advanced Research Center by HENN

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HENN. Partner.- Marcus Fissan
Project director.- Nora Graw (Design), Susanne Stier.
Feasibility study team
Partner.- Marcus Fissan.
Project director.- Nora Graw.
Milan Grujicic, Martin Henn, Peter Lee, Armin Nemati.
Project team
Marta Arce-González, Mark Böhmer, Jonathan Böttger, Niels Buring, Yu-PinChiu, Seda Dalyan, Daniela D’Amato, Weronika Debska, Martin Erdinger, Jesus Escudero Gongora, Oliver Franke, Andreas Fuchs, Julia Fuchs, Frank Gebler, Lars Gilz, Sergio Gonzalez Casillas, Martin Henn, Luka Herr, Katrin Jacobs, Anja Koch, Thomas von Küstenfeld, Anna Marshallsea, Axel Mierisch, Armin Nemati, Michael Sadomskyj, Thomas Schmidt, Ine Spaar, Jonas Stevens, Marc Teufel.
Project controlling.- Drees & Sommer.
Consultants.-  Aplantis GmbH (Outdoor facilities and indoor greening), B+G Ingenieure Bollinger und Grohmann GmbH (Structural engineer, Façade, Building physics and acoustics), Winter Beratende Ingenieure für Gebäudetechnik GmbH (Building services), Tichelmann & Barillas Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH (Fire Protection), Baudynamik Heiland & Mistler GmbH (Structural dynamics), Eurolabors AG (Laboratory planning), Scherr+Klimke AG (Logistics planning), Lumen3 GbR (Light planning), io-consultants GmbH & Co. KG (Process planning).
Merck KGaA.
Area / Dimensions
Gross floor area.- 32,000 m².
Site area.- 7,500 m².
Height x width x length.- 28 x 71 x 68 m.
Floors.- 6 above ground, 2 below ground.
Workstations.- 550.
Feasibility study.- 2022.
Construction start.- 25 April, 2024.
Completion.- 2026.
Merck Firmenzentrale. Frankfurter Straße 250. 64293 Darmstadt, Germany.
World of knowledge (office and communication spaces).- 7,500 m².
Laboratory space.- 8,300 m² (with modules of 650 m² each).
Two atria.- entrance lobby and winter garden.
Basement technical centre with innovative automated logistics and storage technology: driverless transport system, vertical automated goods handling system to the laboratory, and fully automated storage systems (auto store and pallet warehouse).
Energy generation from photovoltaic systems.
Full-surface geothermal energy, heat pumps.
Green roofs with rainwater retention improve the microclimate and absorb particulate matter.
Sustainability certificate.- DGNB Gold.

Martin Henn. HENN

HENN HENN is an international architecture practice with more than 75 years of expertise in the fields of office, science, health, industry, and culture. It is an interdisciplinary team of architects and engineers able to draw upon a wealth of knowledge collected over decades of building experience in addition to a worldwide network of partners and experts.
HENN was founded in 1947 by Walter Henn in Dresden. His son, Gunter Henn, opened HENN’s Munich office in 1979. Today, Martin Henn and a team of partners lead the practice. The three generations are linked through common values of openness and curiosity, which form the foundation for HENN’s ambition to rethink typologies and push forward sustainable construction.



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