Urban village in a modern neighborhood. iCampus Rhenania by HENN

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HENN. Partner in charge.- Christian Bechtle.
Project directors.- Christoph Omlin, Ebra Muminovic.
Project team
Paulina Biernat, Selin Demir, Tanja Dietsch, Martin Erdinger, Marta Gałdyś, Elke Gebhard, Ralph Hempel, Carlotta Hirsch, Attila Horvath, Nelli Maier, Wolfgang Mühlhölzl-Hirschmann, Malin Näsström, Daniel Recklingloh, Lina Safarini, Mira Schröpfer, Andreas Schöler, Chiara Schüler, Birant Sencan, Ine Spaar, Kathrin Stamm, Peter Weber, Fredrik Werner, Ji Wu, Wanli Xuan.
Project controlling.- Schwab.engineers.
Structural framework.- Ametsbichler + Lehr.
High-level guidance systems.- Büro Uebele.
Construction management.- Drees & Sommer.
Circulation systems design.- gevas humberg & partner.
Building services.- IBF Ingenieure.
Façade design.- iPb Ingenieurbüro Planung Blei.
Building physics.- PMI.
Landscaping.- VOGT/BL9.
R&S Immobilienmanagement GmbH.
Innogration ceiling system.- Innogration: CEILTEC®.
Façade paint.- Monopol AG.
Mailboxes, entrance doors, elevator portals and cars, back walls of kitchenettes and washbasins.- Nordic Copper: Nordic Brass Weathered | Hairline 1120.
Site area.- 8,800 sqm.
Ground floor area.- 30,000 sqm.
Competition.- 2018, 1st prize.
Construction start.- 2020.
Completion.- 2022.
Friedenstraße 22, 81671 Munich, Germany.
Carpentry.- BAVEST, BES Brunold Holz und Design Manufaktur.
Steel doors/gates.- BKM Brandschutzkonstruktionen Mihla.
Advertising and display system.- digital media Großbildtechnik.
Heating, cooling, air conditioning.- Engie.
Metalworking.- Feuchtgruber.
Electrical.- Klaus Schöffmann.
Elevators.- KONE.
General contractor for interior fit-out and finish.- Lindner SE.
Guidance and signage.- OPTIMAXX Werbetechnik.
Façade.- PICHLER Projects.
Shell construction.- Riedel Bau.
Roof.- Tectus Flachdachabdichtungen.
Elevator portals and cars.- Wölfel.

Martin Henn. HENN

HENN HENN is an international architecture practice with more than 75 years of expertise in the fields of office, science, health, industry, and culture. It is an interdisciplinary team of architects and engineers able to draw upon a wealth of knowledge collected over decades of building experience in addition to a worldwide network of partners and experts.
HENN was founded in 1947 by Walter Henn in Dresden. His son, Gunter Henn, opened HENN’s Munich office in 1979. Today, Martin Henn and a team of partners lead the practice. The three generations are linked through common values of openness and curiosity, which form the foundation for HENN’s ambition to rethink typologies and push forward sustainable construction.



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