The Largest Cultural Center in Europe. Gasteig Cultural center by HENN

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Design team
Partner in Charge.- Fredrik Werner/Joachim Grund. Project Team.- Sylvia Kipping, Max Langwieder, Benedikt Cinetto, Francesco Capuzzo, Christoph Omlin, Tanja Dietsch, Pavel Khriashchikov, Ferdinand Fleckenstein, Thomas von Küstenfeld, Birant Sencan, Gabriele Menconi, Sarah Guggemos, Franz Bittenbinder, Shiyu Ying, Lisa Schubert, Andreas Fuchs, Mark B hmer, Bodo Boettcher, Jeanette Schulze-Kiehne, Andreas Lindig, Daniel Recklingloh, Martin Erdinger, Luis Felipe Acevedo, Peter Weber, Mira Schr pfer, Sidonie Kade, Wolfgang Mühlh lzl-Hirschmann, Andreas Sch ler, Dorit Von Woroniecki, Gudrun Spitzer, Theresa Brandes, Peter Ciganek, Anatolii Romanov, Jekaterina Porohina, Jovan Topalovic, Katrin Jacobs, Che Liu, Matthias Palloch, Elke Gebhard and Attila Horvath.
Consultants.- Nagata Acoustics International, Inc., Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH, ARGE Mayr Ludescher Partner + Buro Happold Ingenieure GmbH, Climaplan GmbH, ibb Burrer & Deuring Ingenieurbüro GmbH, Bartenbach GmbH, OBERMEYER Planen + Beraten GmbH, Wolfgang Sorge Ingenieurbüro für Bauphysik GmbH & Co. KG, ATI - ARGE Theater-Ingenieure, a+p Architekten GbR, Büro Uebele.
Gasteig München GmbH.
90,000 sqm.
2018 - Ongoing.
Munich, Germany.

Martin Henn. HENN

HENN HENN is an international architecture practice with more than 75 years of expertise in the fields of office, science, health, industry, and culture. It is an interdisciplinary team of architects and engineers able to draw upon a wealth of knowledge collected over decades of building experience in addition to a worldwide network of partners and experts.
HENN was founded in 1947 by Walter Henn in Dresden. His son, Gunter Henn, opened HENN’s Munich office in 1979. Today, Martin Henn and a team of partners lead the practice. The three generations are linked through common values of openness and curiosity, which form the foundation for HENN’s ambition to rethink typologies and push forward sustainable construction.



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