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Joly & Loiret
C.A de Versailles Grand Parc
Design Team
OTCE (Ingenierie BET TCE), Vicent Hedont (BET acoustique)
Versailles, France
800 m² + restoration

Paul Emmanuel Loiret - Serge Joly Joly and Loiret

Paul Emmanuel Loiret & Serge Joly met in 1993 at the Ecole Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris la Seine. Completing their diplomas in 2001 and 2000 respectively, until 2006-7 they worked in French and foreign architectural practices of international renown, notably at Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Renzo Piano, Jacques Ferrier and for French Embassies in various countries in Africa.

In 2003, having already embarked upon their professional careers, they decided to work together under the name ‘architecture system’. This period culminated in their selection by the French Ministry of Culture for the ‘ Nouveaux Albums de la Jeune Architecture’ for 2005-6; a prize given to 15 architectural practices aged under 35 in recognition of their work and their future potential. Following this award, in 2007 they founded Sarl JOLY & LOIRET, Agence d’architecture.

Since then, the office has had between 6 and 8 employees. Work has diversified both in the public and private sector, notably for schools, sporting and cultural public commissions, but also in scenography, housing and offices. Since 2011, the practice has been nominated for and won numerous national awards: nominated for the Prix de la première œuvre; 2nd prize Prix national du bois for Les Ganivelles; recipient of the Prix Agora encouragements, best public project, city of Bordeaux, for “ Les 3 Mondes”, Ginko schools; winner of the Lauriers du bois 2013 for the Fontainebleau Equestrian Centre; EAE 2nd prize and winner of the Prix National de la Construction en Terre Crue (interior design) for the Maison du Parc, Milly-la-fôret.

Paul Emmanuel Loiret and Serge Joly also teach at the Écoles Nationales Sup érieures d’Architecture and at the École Sp éciale d’Architecture.
JUNG 2023



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