Dialogue between opposites. CASACALMA by Andres Alonso Arquitecto

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Project team
Construction management.- Cobita
Developed.- Jose Romero Victorica + Cobitat.
Interior furniture.- Petry.
Exterior coating.- Corblock.
Openings.- Anodal.
Landscaping.- Pleiades Landscape.
Lighting.- Lighting technology.
2,400 sqm.
Córdoba, Villa Allende, Argentina.

Andrés Alonso

Andrés Alonso understands architecture as an art, capable of transforming through the use of matter, the perception of reality, being able to intervene in the environment, which, as science has shown, shapes the genetic expression of the subject who experiences it. He believes that the fundamental of architecture is not in what is sensory perceived by the experimenter but in the effects that this perception generates at an ontological and physiological level to transform it.

Architecture, like the rest of the arts, has lost its philosophical spirit, being reduced to a technique, the compartmentalization of knowledge product of scientific development brings with it a biased view of the real needs of a man crossed by the paradigm of his time. This is why his work focuses on the investigation of man as a psychological subject and how architecture can condition him, limiting or enhancing his expression as a cultural product.



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