Doctor Surgery in Paüls, by Vora

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Pere Buil - Toni Riba. VORA

vora was founded in 2000 in Lisbon by Pere Buil and Jordi Fornells. Currently, the study consists of Pere Buil and Toni Riba, both of them graduated in the "Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona" [ETSAB] in 2000, based in Barcelona. They work on building and urban design projects of different scales and typologies. Their built work to date has received several awards and been published in magazines all over the world. They combine professional practice with teaching.

Some of their most relevant works to date are the Can Ricart Sports Center in Barcelona (Bonaplata Award 2007, arquia/proxima 2010 selection, A+ award 2010), a single-family house in Almeria (ARCO Young Architect Award 2006-07), the urban design of La Salut Old Town, in Badalona (including the Market square) and an apartment refurbishment in Gracia neighbourhood (arquia/proxima 2012 selection, FAD awards selection) among others.


Adrià Goula Sardà (, 1973) is formed in the Schoolof Architecture in Barcelona where he obtained a degree in architecture in 2000 and a Diploma of Advanced Studies in 2007. He works as an architect in various offices in Barcelona (Enric Miralles (EMBT) and Coll-Leclerc arquitectos, etc..) and Paris (Yves Lion architectes et urbanistes) and in 2005 founded his own firm "aH! arquitectura" together with Helen Silvy-Leligois.

Alongside professional start in photography of architecture, which will become its main activity. In this area, performs work for renowned architects locally and internationally (Yves Lion, Josep Mias, Josep Lluis Mateo, Eduard Bru, Vicente Guallart, Fermin Vazquez (b720 architects), Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores, etc.), and to various public and private institutions (City of Barcelona, Barcelona Metropolitan Area (MMAMB) Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona (CCCB), Musée des Monuments Français, Aéroports de Catalunya, Escofet, etc..)

Has published several monographic books: "On building of Josep Lluis Mateo" (Ed. Actar), "b720" (TC quadernos), " Ciutat Vella de Barcelona: memòria urbà d'un proces" (Ed. Criteria) and "Barceloneta Market of Josep Mias "(Ed. Actar) and has collaborated with multiple books and magazines, national and international (Arquitectura Viva, Domus, Abitare, Quaderns, AMC, Frame, On diseño, Arquitectura y Diseño, C3, Detail, etc ...). He has also been a professor of photography at the Escola Sert in Barcelona, has participated in several worksohops and has lectured at various universities and schools.

He also develops a personal photo work beyond the architecture, that have been exposed individually in Paris ("NY" in Salón de Torigny, November 2003), Bordeaux ("Murs" in June 2009 and "Vietnam" in April 2011 in Atélier Dartois) and Barcelona ("NY" in June 2004 and "De-Construcción" in June 2010 in the Col.legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya). Currently he's preparing an exhibition at the Gallery Kowasa in Barcelona for September 2012. He has also a published book of his personal work "De-Construcción" by Fundación Esteyco in November 2009.



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