Elegant verticality. Sep’on Heartfulness Centre by 324PRAXIS

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324PRAXIS. Lead Architect.- Dat Dinh.
Project team
Nguyen Ngoc My Ngan, Vo Ngoc Khanh Chi.
Coppha Builders, Trung Long Company, lam.weaving space.
GFA.- 600 m².
Nha Trang, Vietnam.
Duy Nhat, Le Ba Loc.

Dat Dinh. 324PRAXIS

324PRAXIS is an Ho Chi Minh City-based architecture studio, founded in 2019 by Dat Dinh.  At the core of the studio´s practice is an analysis of the context surrounding projects, which scale from masterplans to affordable housing typologies. 324PRAXIS pursues architecture through multidisciplinary perspectives. We promote a collective environment with a diverse staff of architects, furniture designers, and model makers. We elevate collaborations between other architects, artists, economists, and more, to enrich the impact and reach of each project. The studio’s work includes housing, restaurant, warehouse, retreat, showroom, office, and furniture design.

Creating progress’s order is not simply: being drawn then being built; but parallelly. Ideas and revised drawings are considered, transformed, improved, and inspired during the practical samples are made. We have always believed that only with continual praxis, architecture products are clarified, realized, then come out to reality with conscious balance.  Architect’s road is a discovery route that connects visionary ideas and practical products but with only one material: the material of living. The sense of the land, the liveliness of creatures, and the senses of humans inspire our works of architecture discovering; then transfer into an energetic praxis process; then inspire your own discovering process through our projects' interpretation.

After all, we come to the goal, we do not just finish the route.

This raised the mindset of our PRAXIS.



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